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Kenneth John Odle 3 years ago
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# LaTeX-book
Figuring out how to write books in LaTeX.
Figuring out how to write books in LaTeX.
The official documentation is [here](
Example 1 downloaded from


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\documentclass[12pt,reqno]{book} % Sets 12pt font, equation numbers on right
\usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsfonts} % Typical maths resource packages
\usepackage{graphics} % Packages to allow inclusion of graphics
\usepackage{color} % For creating coloured text and background
\usepackage[colorlinks,citecolor=blue,linkcolor=blue]{hyperref} % For creating hyperlinks in cross references. It should be after the color package. The option colorlinks produces colored entries without boxes. The option citecolor=blue changes the default green citations to blue.
\parindent 1cm
\parskip 0.2cm
\topmargin 0.2cm
\oddsidemargin 1cm
\evensidemargin 0.5cm
\textwidth 15cm
\textheight 21cm
\def\R{\mathbb{ R}}
\def\S{\mathbb{ S}}
\def\I{\mathbb{ I}}
\title{A \LaTeX \ Book Skeleton }
\author{\htmladdnormallink % Puts a hyperlink on to the author's name
{CTJ Dodson}{}
{\small\em \copyright 2015 }}
\date{ }
\usepackage{draftwatermark} %%% These four lines
\SetWatermarkText{Draft not for circulation} %%% put a watermark
\SetWatermarkScale{3} %%% on all pages. Just omit them if
\SetWatermarkColor[rgb]{0.9,0,0} %%% it is not needed.
The book root file {\tt bookex.tex} gives a basic example of how to
use \LaTeX \ for preparation of a book. Note that all
\LaTeX \ commands begin with a
Chapter, Appendix and the Index is made as a {\tt *.tex} file and is
called in by the {\tt include} command---thus {\tt ch1.tex} is
the name here of the file containing Chapter~1. The inclusion of any
particular file can be suppressed by prefixing the line by a
percent sign.
Do not put an {\tt end{document}} command at the end of chapter files;
just one such command is needed at the end of the book.
Note the tag used to make an index entry. You may need to consult eg Lamport's
book~\cite{lamport} % Gives link to reference
for details of the procedure to make the index input
file; \LaTeX \ will create a pre-index by listing all the tagged
items in the file {\tt bookex.idx} then you edit this into
a {\tt theindex} environment, as {\tt index.tex}.
In the source file {\tt bookex.tex} the line:\\
{\tt usepackage[colorlinks,citecolor=blue,linkcolor=blue]{hyperref} } \\
includes hyperlinks and chooses colours for them.\\
Also, the following lines just before
{\tt begin\{document\}}
will put a watermark on every page:
usepackage{draftwatermark} %%% These four lines
SetWatermarkText{Draft not for circulation}%%% put a watermark on all
SetWatermarkScale{3} %%% pages. Omit them if
SetWatermarkColor[rgb]{0.9,0,0} %%% it is not needed.
Just comment them out with \% if you do not want a watermark.
\bibitem{lamport} L. Lamport. {\bf \LaTeX \ A Document Preparation System}
Addison-Wesley, California 1986.