A dictionary of Linux terms, in zine form.
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\author{Kenneth John Odle}
What follows is a basic dictionary of any all terms related to Linux. \textbf{Note:} A lot of these terms also relate to Unix. \textit{Caveat emptor!}
\textbf{apt} --- Some information about apt.
\textbf{command binary}
\textbf{command line}
\textbf{Elementary OS}
\textbf{kernel module}
\textbf{Kubuntu} --- A GUI for Linux, based on Ubuntu. It uses KDE.
\textbf{man} A command-line utility to display the ``man'' page for a particular command. It has many parameters. Try \texttt{man man} to start.
\textbf{Puppy Linux}
\textbf{unix principle}