A personal planner which I am developing in LaTeX. You are free to download and adapt to your own purposes. This is my first project in LaTeX. Pull requests are welcome.
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% Colored lines in table, see
% https://ctan.math.illinois.edu/macros/latex/contrib/colortbl/colortbl.pdf
% Remove cell padding from tabular environment
% Add padding into the header row
% See https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/126539/padding-at-the-top-of-a-table-cell-in-latex
\newcommand\Tstrut{\rule{0pt}{2.6ex}} % "top" strut
\newcommand\Bstrut{\rule[-0.9ex]{0pt}{0pt}} % "bottom" strut
\newcommand{\TBstrut}{\Tstrut\Bstrut} % top&bottom struts
% Cell and vertical rules definitions
Goals for this Year & Goals for this Month \TBstrut \\ \hline
& \\ [6mm] \arrayrulecolor[gray]{0.6}\hline
& \\ [6mm] \hline
& \\ [6mm] \hline
& \\ [6mm] \arrayrulecolor[gray]{0}\hline
\multicolumn{2}{|l|}{Hoping For:} \TBstrut \\ \hline