Just various recipes that I'm developing. Also, more practice with LaTeX.
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  1. \documentclass[10pt,letterpaper]{article}
  2. \usepackage[letterpaper, margin=1in]{geometry}
  3. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}
  4. \usepackage{amsmath}
  5. \usepackage{amsfonts}
  6. \usepackage{amssymb}
  7. \usepackage{gensymb}
  8. \usepackage{units} % Get nice fractions
  9. \author{Kenneth John Odle}
  10. \title{Instant Pot Pinto Beans}
  11. \begin{document}
  12. \begin{LARGE}
  13. \textbf{Instant Pot Pinto Beans}
  14. \end{LARGE}
  15. \hrulefill
  16. \bigskip
  17. This recipe was tested using a six-quart Instant Pot Duo SV. I have also used this same technique for black beans. This should work for most beans, with the exception of split peas and chickpeas.
  18. \bigskip
  19. \begin{large}
  20. \textbf{Ingredients}
  21. \end{large}
  22. \begin{itemize}
  23. \item 2 cups dried pinto beans
  24. \item 4 cups water
  25. \item \nicefrac{1}{2} tsp salt
  26. \end{itemize}
  27. \medskip
  28. \begin{large}
  29. \textbf{Method}
  30. \end{large}
  31. \begin{enumerate}
  32. \item Sort the pinto beans and rinse them.
  33. \item Add all ingredients to inner pot and stir to combine.
  34. \item Pressure cook on high for 35 minutes.
  35. \item Natural release for ten minutes.
  36. \item Perform a quick release.
  37. \end{enumerate}
  38. \bigskip
  39. \begin{large}
  40. \textbf{Notes}
  41. \end{large}
  42. \begin{itemize}
  43. \item To make refried beans, add bacon grease or lard to the pot and stir until it is melted. Use a potato masher (lots of work) or an immersion blender (easy).
  44. \item You can also chop some bacon, set the Instant Pot to saut\'e, and cook the bacon until it begins to render its fat. Turn the Instant Pot, and proceed as above.
  45. \item For a vegan version, set the Instant Pot to saut\'e, add some oil, and fry a chopped onion until it softens. Then add 1 tsp ground cumin and 1 tsp granulated garlic along with the beans.
  46. \item For spicy beans, add pickled jalape\~{n}os or some chipotles in adobo, the latter of which will also add a nice smokiness.
  47. \end{itemize}
  48. \end{document}