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Corrected errors in chapters 3 and 5

Kenneth John Odle 11 months ago
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@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ has decreed that, in proportion as the working-classes increase in
intelligence, knowledge, and all virtue, in that same proportion their acute
angle (which makes them physically terrible) shall increase also and
approximate to their comparatively harmless angle of the Equilateral Triangle.
Thus, in the most brutal and formidable off the soldier class --- creatures
Thus, in the most brutal and formidable of the soldier class --- creatures
almost on a level with women in their lack of intelligence --- it is found that,
as they wax in the mental ability necessary to employ their tremendous
penetrating power to advantage, so do they wane in the power of penetration
@ -832,7 +832,7 @@ generation until the goal of 60 degrees is reached, when the condition of
serfdom is quitted, and the freeman enters the class of Regulars.
Consequently, Nature herself supplies us with an ascending scale or Alphabet
of angles for half a degree up to 60 degrees, Specimen of which are placed in
of angles for half a degree up to 60 degrees, Specimens of which are placed in
every Elementary School throughout the land. Owing to occasional
retrogressions, to still more frequent moral and intellectual stagnation, and
to the extraordinary fecundity of the Criminal and Vagabond classes, there is