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Added note about Star Trek novels

Kenneth John Odle 1 year ago
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@ -8,4 +8,6 @@ I've also added both official and unofficial rules from [this list at the Memory
The "rules with blanks" file includes blank lines for rules that have not yet occurred yet. I'm still looking for these, so if you know of them (whether canon or not), please let me know. (The reason for these large blank areas, I suspect, is from writers needing to invent a new rule but not having time to find out if a given rule exists. So they just pick a large number that they hope is sufficiently far away from the current list. Also, in the good old days when most of these rules were being created, the internet was not the place that it is now.)
Also, I think I have read at most two or three Star Trek novels, and that was years ago. So I'm not reeally aware of any rules that have their origins in books. (And I'm pretty sure that books are considered non-canonical.)
At some point, I may write a blog post about some or all of these rules. It might be a series of posts. I don't know at this point.