Experimenting with making pretty man pages on paper.
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  1. # man-pages
  2. Experimenting with making pretty man pages on paper.
  3. The basic write-up is on [my tech blog](https://techblog.kjodle.net/2021/08/28/learning-linux-by-studying-the-man-pages/). If you want to avoid all that work, you can just go into each folder and look for the "booklet" pdf. **Please note:** These files are set to work on (alas!) North American paper (i.e., letter, which is 8.5 inches wide by 11.0 inches tall), rather than metric paper (which is iminently more sensible). If you are in a country that uses metric paper sizes, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in my blog post. But rather than using LaTeX geometry to specify actual page dimension, just export everything as A5 paper, which when printed on A4 paper, will give you perfect booklets.