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Kenneth John Odle 2 years ago
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#PDF Page Numbers#
This is a LaTeX file to use when you want to add page numbers to a pdf file.
For more information, see [this blog post](
I believe the .tex file has enough comments for you to make your way through it, even if you are fairly new to LaTeX.
To use this file:
1. Either download the entire repo, or go to the "Raw" version and copy and paste it into a blank text document on your computer. (If you download it, unzip it and open the `numbers.tex` file.)
2. Make whatever changes you need and save the document.
3. Convert it to a pdf by using the command `$ pdflatex numbers.tex`. This should give you a `numbers.pdf` file that consists of blank, numbered pages.
4. Follow the directions in the blog post linked above.
Have fun.
FYI: This is a just a :seedling:. Let it grow into something wonderful.