A simple .tex file for creating a paginated pdf to add page numbers to another pdf
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% The next two lines create a half-size document for a booklet
% If you are using regular size paper, you can delete them, and
% add "letter" or "A4" to the documentclass declaration
top=0.15in, % Adjust the height of your page number from the top of the page
inner=0.5in, % Adjust the inner margin
outer=0.5in, % Adjust the outer margin
\fancyhead[LE]{\thepage} % This appears on the Left side of Even-numbered pages
\fancyhead[RO]{\thepage} % This appears on the Right side of Odd-numbered pages
\pagenumbering{roman} % Change this to whatever type of lettering you prefer
% Change the '18' to however many pages you need.