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\section*{Right Ways}
\paragraph{It works, and is considered a best practice.}
\paragraph{It works, and is considered a best practice.} A best practice is one that has generally been accepted as the best way to do things not because it is perfect, but because it produces results that are better than the results achieved by other methods. This is a good thing. A best practice is a best practice because it's proven itself. It's not perfect (hence it's a ``best practice'' not a ``perfect practice''), but you can count on it to get the job done. And because it is a best practice, when things go pear-shaped, it's probably because of something you've done, but if it isn't, there will most likely be a lot of people who are \textit{very} interested in helping you.
Unfortunately, sometimes a best practice is arrived at that for no other reason than ``that's how we've always done it and nothing has exploded yet.'' That's not great, but still, have a fire extinguisher handy.
\section*{Genius Ways}
\paragraph{It's a true hack.}
As I said way back in the first issue, I define a hack as ``an appropriate application of ingenuity''\footnote{See \kref{}{} for more information.}. These are rare, often false (it only resembles a hack; like the wizard in \textit{The Wizard of Oz}, it's based on smoke and mirrors), and even more often small.\footnote{You can usually identify a false hack by how large it is.} If you find one, enjoy it, preserve, and help to disseminate it.
\chapter{A \texttt{git} Workflow}