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Mischief managed!
\subsection{Miscellaneous Things}
\item Need a little bit more control over things in a \texttt{verbatim} environment? Just add the \texttt{fancyvrb} package.
\item Need even more control than the \texttt{fancyvrb} package gives you? Try the \texttt{fvextra} package. (I used it because it very nicely breaks lines inside this environment.)
\section{What I learned About \LaTeX{} While Creating Something Else}
For reasons I don't understand I went down an internet rabbit hole reading about the book \textit{Flatland}, by Edwin A. Abbott. This is a book I had purchased years ago in my youth (thank you, Dover Thrift Editions!) but had never gotten around to reading. I found a copy in \LaTeX{} at \href{}{\texttt{}}. It was old---twelve years old, in fact---and it was set up as a single-sided A4 document. If you've been following this journey this far, you know that I'm pretty fond of booklets, and that I'm in North America, so everything has to be lettersize paper.\footnote{As an American citizen, I am bound by the U.S. Constitution to both completely disavow the metric system and be utterly confused by it, and to decry it as terribly confusing despite the fact that is based on the number 10. I do believe it is our sworn duty to vehemently oppose anything which makes sense and also makes life better, such as universal health care. I don't know, something about eagles and gravy and guns.}