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**Issue 001**
You can buy issue [#001]( on my etsy shop [here]( Through the end of October 2021, you can get a [20% off coupon here]( (That will also apply to whatever else we throw up in our shop, I do believe.)
## Packages
I used a handful of packages to make this document, which I've listed below, along to their page on CTAN where you can read the full documentation.
* [graphicx]( --- Provides extended support for images.
* [kpfonts]( --- A different font than the AMS fonts, which is a little heavier and easier to read for some.
* [makeidx]( --- Creates indexes (or, indices, if you prefer). I didn't actually use this one. Maybe next time.
* [geometry]( --- Flexible and complete interfact to document dimensions.
* [fancyhdr]( --- Gives you more control over page headers and footers.
* [multicol]( --- Provides for more than two or more columns in selected areas.
* [wrapfig]( --- Allows you to wrap text around figures.
* [hyperref]( --- Support for hypertext (i.e., links). (Protip: use the *hidelinks* option to get rid of the annoying red boxes around links in the pdf form. Thanks to reddit user 0b0101011001001011 for this tip!)
* [tabto]( --- Allows you to set tab stops. (I used this one to get multiple paragraphs in a footnote. Still scratching my head about that one.)
* [ulem]( --- A package for making lines through text. In my case, I just wanted a simple strikethrough.
Also reddit user -LeopardShark- recommended using the package [microtype]( to get finer typographical control. Maybe in the next issue.