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Kenneth John Odle 2 years ago
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I don't want to be a gate-keeper. I want to be a gate-opener. In fact, I want to be a crusher of gates. There is no single path. You have to find your own path. Find your mentors, and carve your own trail. This isn't about ego. Knowledge is not pie. There's plenty for everybody.
\chapter{Ubuntu 22.04}
I've been with Ubuntu for a while now, and generally get pretty excited about new releases. This one was no different. Until I installed it, that is.
Ubuntu 22.04 is without a doubt the buggiest LTS\footnote{Long Term Support} version of Ubuntu I have ever used.
First, they have removed Python2.
Second, there is this weird problem with saving files from \textit{any} browser. You can pick a folder to download to, and from that point on in your session, this is the only folder you can download items to. Sure, you can migrate to a different folder and try to download there, and it looks like you're actually saving your file there, but nothing gets downloaded. You can look at the folder and at your download history and quite plainly see that there is nothing there. \footnote{See \href{}{\texttt{}} and \href{}{\texttt{}}}. As it turns out, if you click on the \textit{filename} in the save dialogue box (and therefore give it focus), then you can change where you download the file to.
This is an odd bug to allow to get through, as for the longest time the question ``What does everyone use Internet Explorer for?'' was answered by ``To download Firefox.'' I guess you can always use Ubuntu to download a version of Linux which is not plagued by such obvious mistakes.
\section{What I Learned About \LaTeX{} While Creating This Issue}