A zine about Linux. That's all.
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A zine about Linux, typeset in LaTeX.

The avatar image is by Larry Ewing and Simon Budig. Licensing info is here.

The pdf version is free. You can find it inside the build folder for each issue. I will also issue a release, so you can check there, as well.

If you want to buy a paper version with a fancy colored cover, printed up as a little booklet and saddle stapled (just perfect for reading on the go), you can buy them from my etsy shop. I'll include a link here as I add each issue.


If you have questions or suggestions, you can join the forum for this zine on my website. I am trying to avoid social media as much as possible, and also hate communicating through apps like Etsy, Gumroad, or Patreon (for reasons I may talk about at some point). If you want to contribute or collaborate, the forum would be a good place to start.

Paper Copies

Issue 003

You can buy this on etsy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/1507867746/the-codex-a-zine-about-linux-issue-3. I don't have metric versions available for download as of yet (12 July 2023) but I am working on it.

Issue 002

You can buy a paper copy of issue #002 in my Etsy shop. Unfortunately, I can only ship to North America at the present time.

If you are outside of North America and would like to purchase a digital download which you can then print out in booklet form and staple yourself, you can buy it here.

Again, you can use the coupon GIT20 to get a 20% discount.

If you have issues with Etsy (and who doesn't?), you can also buy them from Gumroad:

The GIT20 discount code will also work on Gumroad.

Issue 001

You can buy issue #001 on my etsy shop here. Use the coupon GIT20 to get 20% off all zines.


I used a handful of packages to make this document, which I've listed below, along to their page on CTAN where you can read the full documentation.

  • graphicx — Provides extended support for images.
  • kpfonts — A different font than the AMS fonts, which is a little heavier and easier to read for some.
  • makeidx — Creates indexes (or, indices, if you prefer). I didn't actually use this one. Maybe next time.
  • geometry — Flexible and complete interfact to document dimensions.
  • fancyhdr — Gives you more control over page headers and footers.
  • multicol — Provides for more than two or more columns in selected areas.
  • wrapfig — Allows you to wrap text around figures.
  • hyperref — Support for hypertext (i.e., links). (Protip: use the hidelinks option to get rid of the annoying red boxes around links in the pdf form. Thanks to reddit user 0b0101011001001011 for this tip!)
  • tabto — Allows you to set tab stops. (I used this one to get multiple paragraphs in a footnote. Still scratching my head about that one.)
  • ulem — A package for making lines through text. In my case, I just wanted a simple strikethrough.

Also reddit user -LeopardShark- recommended using the package microtype to get finer typographical control. Maybe in the next issue. I'm actually using this in issue 002 and you can tell the difference by comparing page 2 in both issues and looking at the placement of the Creative Commons icon.

New in issue 3:

  • fancyvrb — Extending the verbatim environment.
  • fvextra — Extending the fancyvrb package.
  • enumitem — Extra control over the basic list environments.

If you like this, but don't want to buy, you can always donate via PayPal. (No PayPal account is necessary.) It's greatly appreciated.