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From the source project and original typesetter:

Although Edwin A. Abbott's essay "Flatland" is readily available on the internet, I failed to find a nicely typeset version. At this time, the rendering quality of internet browsers doesn't come anywhere near the quality of a nice book.

For these reasons, as well as a healthy portion of boredom, I made the version of "Flatland" you are currently reading, in LaTeX. The LaTeX source can be found on (feel free to make issues or send me pull requests when you find bugs or have improvements). It should also be fairly easy --- a matter of minutes --- to produce a book-sized version, ready to send to a printer.

An additional note:

I found this on github, where it included an A4 version in pdf. I decided to update this to a letterhalf page size, which is more common in North America. I also changed to the kpfont font package, and reduced the size of the type from 12 points to 10 points.

Where necessary, I also adjusted the scaling of the images.

If you want, you can convert the pdf to a series of small booklets using PDF-Booklet.