Some experiments in LaTeX that I mention in my zine, the codex.
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\documentclass[10pt, letter]{report}
\chapter{The Etruscan Kinds of Rome}
\1 The Traditions of the Later Kings
\2 The Later Kingdom
\3 Based upon legends \\
Not always acurate
\3 New kings were not Romans or Sabines, but Etruscans
\2 Tarquinius Priscus
\3 First of the new kings
\3 The legend of the eagle
\2 Servius Tullius
\2 Tarquinius Superbus
\2 Significance of the Legends
\1 The Etruscan Influence
\2 The Kingly Power
\2 The Insignia of Power
\2 The Haruspices
\2 Public Works
\1 The Growth of the City
\2 The Servian Walls
\2 The New Temples
\2 The Cloaca Maxima
\2 The Circus Maximus